“Your husband’s calling is your calling.”

My church had a special service tonight dedicated to the topic of missions. It was for the whole church, but it was aimed at those who have expressed a desire in going on mission, and encouraged others to either go on mission or become a faithful, sacrificial sender. Every Christian is called to do ministry in some way, whether you’re a pastor, missionary, or a stay at home mom who can’t get out much.

The whole service was amazing but one of the things that stuck out to me was when the missionary wives addressed the issue of one spouse not wanting to go on mission when the other did. About this, one wife said, “Your husband’s calling is your calling.”

In the past, I have wanted to go to the foreign mission field. Throughout the years, my husband has made it clear to me that that is not his calling. It has taken me this many years to get to a point where I understand my role a little bit better, and to accept this about my husband. For a while I was irritated with him because he didn’t feel called to go into the foreign mission field – I mean, isn’t that what every good Christian does? Going into the foreign mission field is a mark of spiritual maturity, isn’t it? Well, let me tell you what isn’t a mark of spiritual maturity: undermining your husband’s authority in the household and being angry with him because his goals were different than what you imagined. I was definitely convicted when I heard the missionary speak about this.

There is freedom in embracing the right role. I am embracing that my husband and I are called to minister to people here in the USA, the country I love so dearly. I am trying to let go of certain ideas and expectations I have held for so long. Now that I have a greater understanding of all this, thanks to the women I heard speak at church last night and the countless other wives I’ve known who have been good examples for me, I am excited to see how we will minister to the people around us.

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